Checkout New Guidelines In the last several years, everyone has been effected by the economy in some way. Whether it was a family member losing a job, having to tighten your personal budget or having your home foreclosed. The outreach of financial devastation has been wide spread for many. Well, the times are changing once […]

| Dec 18, 2013

Ronnie Perry Realty experienced an office fire this past Sunday, January 6, 2013. Needless to say, we were all quite surprised to wake up early Sunday to numerous calls, text, and emails as the word spread. We feel blessed that the damage was limited to the waiting room with smoke damage in the other offices. […]

| Jan 11, 2013

The importance of getting in shape seems to be on everyone’s mind now. With all the health concerns that seem to be bombarding us from every direction. From a rise in heart conditions or the rise in obesity. The liquid diet to a no carb diet. There is truly no end to the madness. What […]

| Aug 9, 2012